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That it lead to the very thought of Zoisite that have an enthusiastic unrequited like for Endymion being popular with fans

That it lead to the very thought of Zoisite that have an enthusiastic unrequited like for Endymion being popular with fans

Sailor Aluminum Seiren and you can Sailor Lead Crow was basically revealed from the comic strip to generally share a great prickly relationship in which Lead Crow was defensive away from, and you will exasperated by the, the new scatterbrained Aluminum Seiren. Certain fans took Lead Crow’s affections for her working companion while the research in their eyes becoming partners, or for evidence of her which have a keen unrequited love for Aluminum Seiren. These admirers plus both point out that you can find the thing is that anywhere between these types of letters and Zoisite and you can Kunzite – in the two cases the newest reduced educated of these two are killed by the their frontrunner despite the pleas of your more capable that, incase the greater amount of experienced of these two later died they called from the other people’s identity.

Luna and you will Artemis

On French dub of the comic strip, each other Luna and Artemis was indeed people when they basic looked, and therefore required which they was in fact lesbians. But not, Artemis is actually after known as a masculine for the after that periods.

Male Homosexuality

As show’s protagonists and you will antagonists was indeed mainly girls, especially in the newest afterwards tale arcs, numerous guys was indeed demonstrated because the homosexual on the series, more so about comic strip continuity than just someplace else.


The following are letters which have a homosexual sexual orientation that was made clear into the one sort of the newest series‘ canon.

Kunzite and Zoisite

These Shitennou have been presented due to the fact homosexual lovers on the comic strip, therefore try said inside the passageway in the sounds Sailor Moonlight – Gaiden Ebony Empire Fukkatsu Hen (although it try leftover ambiguous inside the afterwards musicals). Zoisite are exhibited as more youthful, a whole lot more kids of your couples a number of from his strategies he did to own his commander and spouse Kunzite. The 2 spent some time working with her with the multiple circumstances and you can Zoisite used the suffix „sama“ (?), a suffix which suggests high esteem, when dealing with Kunzite. When Zoisite was killed, Kunzite offered him their history need to „so you can pass away superbly“ and you may encircled your which have vegetation; the guy also stored a big grudge facing Worst Prince Endymion just who the guy held responsible for Zoisite’s demise. Whenever Kunzite passed away, the guy named out Zoisite’s term. Although not, the new manga failed to present the two within this light, and Materials Collection relates to its relationships to be a great deal more in that way from brothers.


Regarding the cartoon, Fisheye is actually demonstrated in much the same so you can Zoisite (since the a keen effeminate homosexual boy), as well as in truth try perhaps a great deal more effeminate than Zoisite. Fisheye wasn’t for the a stable matchmaking as well as over the course of Sailor Moon SuperS was keen on numerous people, together with Mamoru Chiba; the guy plus is a normal get across-closet and you may aren’t pretended is a lady so you’re able to attempt to attention these males. One different to this was at the fresh occurrence 140, when he dressed as the men when pursing Yoshiki Usui, implying one to Usui are openly homosexual themselves. Regarding the manga, yet not, Fisheye got a significantly reduced region, like a beast-of-the-day, in which he attempted to entice Ami as an element of the latest Deceased Moon’s preparations.

Enthusiast Cannon

Let me reveal conjecture certainly fans regarding the possible homosexual/bisexual direction one of characters, as a result of problem and you can innuendo, that is tend to indexed during the enthusiast cannon.


Fiore’s dependence on Mamoru Chiba about Sailor Moonlight Roentgen movie enjoys added of numerous admirers to conclude one to Fiore is homosexual. Ami Mizuno advised one to Mamoru is popular with boys for the resource to this on the Roentgen flick, which added one other female in order to jokingly telephone call their kinky. But not, it’s very possible that the newest alien was only obsessed with Mamoru, as he is actually the actual only real pal Fiore you can expect to ever before remember which have.

Alive Action Zoisite

Regarding alive-step show, Zoisite was exhibited to be defensive out of Prince Endymion with the section away from fixation. The guy planned to separation Endymion and Serenity, exactly who he don’t trust. Additionally, their focusing on from Sailor Venus from the her go out since decoy princess, along with his later collaborative attempt with her to-break upwards Usagi and you can Mamoru possess added specific admirers to point the 2 have been drawn to each other.

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